Basements and Civils

Many of projects on this website involved the introduction of basement space, we have always tried to design these structures with an eye on the fact that time in the ground during a construction project is one of the more difficult variables to cost and program making it one of the highest risk factors against the budget and thus the profit on a scheme.

We have over time introduced increasingly higher precast solutions to these kind of schemes which remove much of this risk.

In addition to this we have designed underpinning schemes which provide basement space under existing structures and designed out tanking and drainage systems which by practical implementation of existing tested products to reduce the risk of water problems in the created space.

Using 3 dimensional modelling to demonstrate our proposals we attempt to make our details as clear and inclusive as possible.

Determined in our approach not to take the easy design solution we always consider we have given our ll to provide the most ecconomic builderable solution to a projects challenges.